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The R2510N is a 28Vdc solid state Alternator Controller (Voltage Regulator) designed for use with 24Vdc aircraft alternators with the type "A" configuration. It provides controlled grounding for an alternator that has one side of its field connected to an OV protected power source. This unit provides Voltage Regulation and Field induction protection. It is not a throw away unit like the VSF7403 that it replaces. It generates very little heat compared to the Prestolite and Electrosystems/Electrodelta VSF series. Its footprint and connector are compatible with the VSF series.For any system that uses the VSF7403 without OV protection relay the R25V0N is a must have. It will prevent costly damaged to the aircraft avionics and electrical systems caused by over voltage fault. The V2510A OV Relay will also provide OV protection for a system with the R2510N or VSF7403.

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